Garage Sale fabric = inexpensive and fun clothing

I always look for fabric at Garage Sales.  The blouse on the left cost under $10 to make including the appliqued flowers.

1004151515 The flower appliques are made from buttons I had in my button can and I used various shades of size #10 crochet thread to made crocheted button flowers from a picture I saw on Pinterest.

There wasn’t enough of one color of either piece of fabric to make a whole blouse in my size.  I really wanted the body to have the light color fabric, which has a vertical stripe.  I dug around in my fabric stash and Bingo!  I  found another chunk of fabric I had for years and it was the perfect accent color for the sleeves, button strip, etc.

Never pass up that garage sale stuff.  Put as many of your crafting talents into your project.  I’ve turned this blouse into a showcase of a few of my garment constructing abilities.  Wear your art!