About my etcetera life

I am happily married to my fishing buddy and partner in crime.  Dan, known as Big Dan to some,  due to his being 6’8″ and 2 ax handles across his shoulders. We got married in 2008 in our fishing hole where he held my had for the first time.  We were dressed in our rubber boots and overalls.


Big Dan and I at Round Lake in our fishing hole,  on our wedding day.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest.  In Southwest Washington in a little place called Fern Prairie. It’s located 5 miles north of a Mill Town called Camas. Camas is due south of Mt. St. Helens. (You know, the big ash-hole we’re famous for?) I live on the property I was raised on.  I tore my tree house down to clear the land to put my house on.

Our family has been in Camas since my grandmother came here with her family in 1909.  Her first sights of Camas were from the Steam Ship “Bailey Gatzert”. She graduated from Camas High School in 1917.  My father and his sisters were raised on Lacamas Lake.  They swam, they had skunks for pets and they had a feud with the Conway family who lived at the end of the lake. One of whom ended up in the drink after he was mashed in the head with a boat paddle for getting fresh with my Aunt Norma. 

I was raised on property my folks bought in the late 40’s or early 50’s.  My dad was a carpenter, millwright, welder, hunter, raised beagles for hunting and was a hell of a fisherman.  My mother was raised on a share croppers farm in Iowa.  WWII brought her family here hoping to get work at the Kaiser shipyards in Vancouver. She loved cooking, sewing, crocheting, knitting, tying flies for fishing, canning, gardening and animals.  

That brings me to where I am today.  There are so many things I do, projects I have going on, different aspects of my talents which have all come from my folks.   Knowledge and experiences I want to share with people.  Interesting stories I tell time and time again to people.  My list of things I do regularly are as follows:  Sewing, thread/yarn crochet, fishing, camping, outdoor cooking, smoking meats, preserving food, baking, loving my 2 Scottish Terriers, welding silverware art, gardening, aquatics, putting on get togethers, ETC. 

This is why I believe my life is a continual Etc;  I’m constantly doing things to add to my unique catalog of hobbies and skills.  Someday, I’m gonna have an awesome obituary!

Enjoy my site, laugh freely, ask questions and leave comments.

4 thoughts on “About my etcetera life

    • Boy and how! I’m thinking the same thing of England though. My Uncle was there on D-day and I have a few rocks a girlfriend of mine and her husband brought back to me last summer when the traveled across the pond. My office/sewing room is being remodeled even as we speak. My husband is laying on his side, nailing on mop boards. It’s nearly done and I’ll have a right and proper dedicated place for my desk. Thanks ever so much for taking your time. MSE


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